Security Surveys, Including:

  • Written Reports
  • Technology Review and Evaluation
  • Crime Prevention
  • Security Operational Policies and Procedures
  • Analysis of Incident and Crime Reports

Security Management Planning

  • Plan and Quick Reference Guide Development to Address Issues Such as: Active Shooter, Lockdown, Child Abduction, Hostage Management, Bomb Threat Management, etc.
  • Infant and Child Abduction Planning to Conform to NCMEC Guidelines
  • Workplace Violence
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Security Management Training

  • Development of a Security Officer Certification Program to Include Topics Such as: Active Shooter, Report Writing, Patrolling Techniques, Fire Safety, Professionalism, Infant Security, Bomb Threat Management, etc.
  • Security Awareness, Crime Prevention, Lockdown, Bomb Threat, Terrorism, Hostage Management, Workplace Violence, etc.

Security Exercises

  • Tabletop and Functional exercises for Active Shooter, Infant and Child Abduction, Hostage Management, Bomb Threat Management